Vengeance? Retaliation? Or revenge!!!

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I just can’t stand it… those creatures that are suffering with hatred-heated heart! (haaa ko hambik tu… ni betul2 geram ni!)

I think this is such a tough question, and one i think about a lot. As feminists, especially in academia, we are taught to examine life through a critical eye. We then have a few options: 1. ignore the “misogyny”; 2. “girl”cott the experience/product/etc; or 3. Experience and critique. My vote is for #3 since if we ignore either the misogyny or don’t experience what we love we are missing out on the opportunity for education and change.

Why this sort of people should be stuff (not staff) in the sophisticated business world. It is just not so fair! Looking at their attitude, low-level of thinking, disgusting tactics, tons of lying, gossiping and all sort of “Appalling Cunt” behavior that they possessed in that rottenness body.

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27 Feb

Motivational thoughts by Nick Vujicic

I cried after watching video of him falling down and going to figure out how to stand up…. but he managed to stand by himself. Im really amazed, thanks to Elfie for sharing this video of him.

Part 2 out of 3

Part 3 out of 3

21 Feb

The power of Al-Fatihah

Yes its true… at first I’m still like wondering is it gonna work? Yeah.. but I asked my mom to proceed with it. Actually, last night my left knee hurts and asked my mom to massage it, and she really knew that something wrong with the vein and its felt so strained.

So, she put her hand and started to glide through the vein……. Ouch! so damn painful!… I budged all over the place and started to swearing…ahakz. I cant stand it… So my mom said that she would whisper the magic words and my the will feel numb … what?

Guess…? Yeah it did came true and I couldn’t feel a thing…. Then she said that only recite 3 times of Al-Fatihah with each of it in a shot. Of course, you have to believe it works and would definitely by Allah swt will.

17 Feb

Passive blogger

Category: Ramblings

Well, that’s right.. quite busy with my own work at office and lots of assignment for the master programme really make me feel like zombie….a passive blogger I am now.

For the last 5 weeks my whole weekend filled with lots of activities that are so “academic stuff”. But I’ve always positive to counter all the problems I might face with the assignments or pips. But one thing, if is about pips.. I just felt so annoyed with “their” attitude behaviour and traits that got related with their culture way back there. I have to motivate myself that there will always pips that were/are/will make my life miserable and put lots of anger to my mood… (I have to go for anger management class, will soon).

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12 Feb

Its not about getting older

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Its not just a year older, but a year better. Here’s to another year of experience and wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday, sayang! 🙂

06 Feb

Federal Territory Day

Category: Photos, Ramblings, Trips

It is a holiday for the Wilayah Persekutuan that was on the 1st February 09. I was with Elfie when we got the opportunity to get pictures of army tanks, camps, soldiers and facilities that were exhibited in the event.

01 Feb