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The subject itself is to provide a precise introduction to the concept and sources of law concentrating more on the area of contact. other than that, to be familiar with consideration, terms of contract, void, voidable and unlawful contracts and discharge of contracts. Not forgetting, the proper understanding of the Sale of Goods Acts 1957 that compasses all sorts of commercial and non-commercial transactions.

Herewith I attached below notes for students’ references and information to the latest syllabus for the above subject :

3)Other sources please refer to textbook title “THE COMMERCIAL LAW OF MALAYSIA” by BEATRIX VOHRAH & WU MIN AUN. 2nd edition published by LONGMAN.


28 Mar


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Dear All

The attachment are the tips for the April 08 DES Mid term examination.



As proposed by,

Cecilia Pereira
Program Manager

1 DES 210 Professional O. P. : Categories of mail, classification of filing, keeping diaries, functions of the depts.
2 DES 310 P. Development : proper posture, eating guidelines, applying make-up, Office etiquette, tel.techniques
3 DES 411 Intro to Admin.OM : Office furniture, forms, delegation, green office movement, office mechanisation
4 DES 410 Advertising MM :Factors influencing mktg, mag advertisg, Effect of advrtisg to the growth of economics.
5 DES 404 HR MGT :Knowledge workers and touch labour, selection, training process, career goals and PA.
6 DES 502 OB :Judging others, Hierarchy of Needs Theory, emotion dimensions, Big Five model, ESOP
7 DES 501 CCT :Theories of creative thinking, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Watson-Glaser CT appraisal
8 DES 402 Public Relations :Definition of public, planning a PR programme, Exhibition,
9 DES 602 Business Law :Proposal&Acceptance, hierarchy of courts in M’sia,$sources of Law,Consideration,contract.

24 Mar

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