Maal Hijrah / Awal Muharam 2008/09

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Maal Hijrah, which is also called Awal Muharam, is an important day for Muslim. It falls on the first day of Muharam on every Muslim calendar year, which is the first day on Muslim calendar.

The meaning of Maal Hijrah in English is migration. On this day, Muslim remember Nabi Muhammad S.A.W migrate from Mecca to Medina on the year 622 A.D. Besides, Maal Hijrah also mean changes from bad to good side and can be said as starting point and evaluate inner-self on self achievement.

Awal means beginning in English and Muharam is the first month of Muslim calendar. In another words, this is the first day in Muslim calendar. Therefore, this is also the new year for all Muslim.

To signify this occasion, Muslims attend to various religious activities, spiritual singing, and religious meeting throughout the country.

This day has become an important religious day for all Muslim.

I would like to wish all my relatives & Muslim blogger’s friends a lovely Awal Muharam.

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“Barangsiapa yang membaca doa akhir tahun, maka berkatalah syaitan laknatullah : Sia-sialah pekerjaanku menggoda anak adam setahun ini”. SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 1430H.

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Diantara Kalian – d’Masiv.mp3

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  • CORRECTION of Hints for 200809 FINAL EXAMS
  • Dear students,

    I have to apologize for the mistaken uploaded the MID-SEMESTER EXAMS on the posted dated 23 Dec 08. Therefore, I’ve upload the actual hints for those exams below.
    Below links are those subjects that have pre-guide examination for the study plan. Just click on your subject (make sure you have installed MICROSOFT EXCEL in order to view them) :












    Ms. Mazuin Osman @ SJ Clarke
    Lecturer E-Secretaryship
    Cosmopoint JB

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    I’ve catch this ladies when I want to see beyonce latest videoclips of – IF I WERE A BOY that was suggested by Sally. Then, I got hooked up with the song and wanted to keep it in my blog so later I can karaoke in my room, huhu. So while I was browsing to the clip along the right side of the website, I’ve found RIN ON THE ROX. Well, at first I would want to ignore it.. emmmm why not I just listen to them. Guess what, most of the songs they sang are so unique and much better than the original singer.

    Well I hope you guys can establish your career as an international artist and see there in Hollywood!

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    Puppy says mama or I want….

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    Soooo cute… it sounds like little boy begging for toys, ahakz. ” I want…..”

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    Drift Van or SuperRusa?

    Is it possible for my one and only Rusa to be a drift van? I really like to own a sport car like Mitsubishi Lancer and sewaktu dengannya.. ahakz… But last month Ive seen Rusa that already been transformed into sporty kinda look that really nice and if you see it once surely you would want to see it twice or more… or maybe only me who’s the one admiring it the most?

    Well the important thing is that I’m really gonna paint my Rusa Van with its original colour (Goldish) and add sports rim if I could afford it, hope so! I already survey (at pontian of course, mana lagi kan) the price for oven spray really cheap and the quality of its service can be guaranteed 99.9% (because one of the staff just got to be my next door neighbor), how did I know that he is my neighbor (long story, forget it because I’d lost $$$ RM80 just to get to know with this chap!@@#$@#).

    So, every time I go to Pekan Nenas (in front of the Fire Brigade Dept), my eyes cant even take a glimpse out of it or cant afford to missed seeing this fantastic RusaVan that already modified into ..mmmammamia.. .with white color body and black tinted glass really make it look classy!

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