Eid Mubarak! 10th Dhul-Hijjah 1428H

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A late post by the way.. but manage to connect to the internet and would like to wish all of you a Happy Eid Mubarak which it was on the 20 December 2007. Well really hope that all the muslim have their holidays with a time to remember of a greatness of being Muslim and let Allah swt forgive our past sins.

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22 Dec

Human Resource Management (HRM) notes

Category: For Students

Notes up for grabs for HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT subject therefore DES & DEB students can upload by click on the links given below:-

All chapters from 1 – 14

1 ) chptr 1
2 ) chptr 2
3 ) 04_des404_chapter3_v011
4 ) 05_des510_chapter4_v01.pdf
5 ) 06_des510_chapter5_v01.pdf
6 ) 07_des404_chapter6_v01.pdf
7 ) 08_des404_chapter7_v01.pdf
8 ) 09_des404_chapter8_v01.pdf
9 ) 10_des404_chapter9_v02.pdf
10 ) 11_des404_chapter10_v01.pdf
11 ) 12_des404_chapter11_v01.pdf
12 ) 13_des404_chapter12_v01.pdf
13 ) 14_des404_chapter13_v01.pdf
14 ) 15_des404_chapter14_v01.pdf

17 Dec

Ashop Commerce

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There are many e-commerce software, both paid and open-source, for businesses that wish to get involved in the online business scene. An open-source shopping cart is usually the choice as it is provided without any fees, however this type of software would likely to contain bugs and thus compromise the security of the system. Depending on the popularity and support of the particular software, it might take many days to weeks to wait for a bug fix. According to the product website, Ashop Commerce is a web-based shopping cart software and hence there is no installation which is required in order to use it. Hence businesses would always find it easier to turn to a paid software such as Ashop Commerce, developed by a company from Australia.

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05 Dec