Public Relations assignments (E-Sect students)

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As we discussed in class, we have covered up to chapter 8 and all of you still have 6 chapters to cover. Fyi, the syllabus for this semester will covered until chapter 14 the complete notes will be given next week.

For your reference, below are the Outcome that need to be submitted and marks have been given to those who have given me their assigment on time. : –

Outcome 1 –

Outcome 2 – Print Chapter 1 until Chapter 9 (Please upload this chapter 9 below

CHAPTER 9 PR and print it out)

Outcome 3 – Exercises on Chapter 1 – 3

Outcome 4 – Exercises on Chapter 4 – 7

(Please refer to Raja, Farhana, Mim, and Ainan for the selected questions)

Outcome 5 – Will be a pop quiz from Chapter 9 until 14

Thanks… Please do the best in this subject and others too… dont forget too pray!

29 Nov

Online notes for E-Secretaryship & E-Business (CRM)

Dear students,

The notes have been uploaded to the links below as it will help the students to upload those notes for their future references and save them for backup.

Below are the notes for DEB 710 – CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT :










28 Nov

Helping to hear again

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The human ear is a sensitive device which can only tolerate a certain level of sound at several decibels before it is damaged or suffers from hearing loss. Indeed, we may be taking the gift of hearing for granted bbut many people in this world are unable to listen to beautiful music or hear speech, because they were born with a hearing impairment or they were involved in an accident which caused their hearing to suffer or deteriorate. Of course the advancements in medical technology has enabled companies like Sonomax from Canada to provide Hearing Protection for their clients in order to prevent such incidents involving the loss of hearing from occurring.

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28 Nov

POP Assignment

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For Professional Office Procedures subject, especially for part-time students, I have decided to have all of you submit an online assignment whereby the questions can be downloaded from the link given below. Just click on the active link to the Microsoft Word document titled: “Outcome 3“.

The assignment must be submitted before this Friday, 30/11/2007. Marks will be given based on the content and accuracy of the answers given which are related to the questions.

Refer to the link below to download your assignment:

POP Outcome 3

The assignment must be e-mailed to Good luck… and enjoy doing your assignment!

26 Nov

Stuart Little

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Here is a video of someone playing with Stuart (the lil cute white cat….). He is a cute, playful little thing. He did try to bite that person though…. ahakz

25 Nov

Calculator for hantaran

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Found this calculator for hantaran (marriage stuff, of course). Try it… but only for those women that will be getting married soon. It is some sort like a value that the bride’s family would want the groom to support them during the nikah (matrimonial vows) ceremony.

Mine stated :

Thank You for using this calculator.

Based on the matrimonial information you have supplied and considering prevailing economic conditions, your Hantaran would be $8,000

Hhopefully it will be in Pound Sterling …. ahakz. But poor darling….

18 Nov