Today I’m going to KL

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Finally I get to go to KL and meet him after nearly 2 months didn’t see him. Well the purpose that I am going to KL is that all the Staff @ d workplace are compulsory to go!!! … it is a one day-training and will be discussing on learning kits, academic updates, and open discussions with the top management @ HQ center.

It is a controversial issues over the past 3 days.. I cant imagine why HQ center didn’t provide us with transportion and accomodation during our staying at KL. Only yesterday that our academic head had negotiated to get a bus and hopefully get hourly rate hotel for us to rejuvenate ourself for the 10am-5pm training.

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29 Jun


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25 Jun

My long-distance cousins

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If im not suffer with short term-memory-loss — ahakz, just kidding! — I’ve got to know my cousin via internet in the year of 2005 when when I was doing my practical; which we never ever been contact with before. My late dad never ever told me that we have cousin living in England; only that we knew that my dad have 2 siblings beside him whom I was informed by him that are: Aunt Janet (Gary and Rebecca, my cousins) and Uncle Malcolm (still missing…try to search but no signs of him).

I’m glad that I still have relatives way back at my dad’s hometown and would like to reunite one day, insya’allah. If time permits us to see each other. There’s a long story to tell about my background and things that do happened 26 years ago, when I was born as Mazuin Osman @ Stephen John Clarke.

Whatever it is, I love them all regardless to their culture, religion, and different countries but still we are one blood-connection family (Clarke’s family).

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25 Jun

Romantic ideas for him

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Nice romantic ideas listed on this website for him. Really love this, I wonder if sayang would too?

23 Jun

A wonderful world

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Take a few minutes to listen to this song every morning and every day will be a wonderful time for you.

19 Jun

The Power of L:O:V:E

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When I Found You..
I believe we all have one true love
Somewhere in this world I do
When it seemed all my dreams were falling through
That’s when I found you

I believe for every heart
that whispers in the dark
There’s a ray of light somewhere shining through
It must sink or swim when the tide came in
I found myself when I found you

I found the closest thing to heaven
that’s in you
I found the deepest love I knew
I believe
Yes it’s true
I found myself, when I found you

I believe for every door that’s closing
For every heartbreak
there’s hope for something new
From the ashes rise a glimpse of paradise
It soon flickered in your eyes
When I found you

A life unfolds
no one knows
I thought love was just a tingling of the skin
I felt so alone
all alone
More than you could ever know
You show deep love
Sweet love.

18 Jun