Wheel theft: Don’t give thieves an easy ride!

Wheel theft

Everybody at some point has fallen victim to car theft. When your pride and joy is stolen it can hit your pocket hard, even if you are insured and it’s very upsetting too. Most people take measures to ensure their car is as safe as possible these days, and with technology on your side it’s harder and harder for thieves to make off with your car. Unfortunately, they know this too, so they are turning their hand to helping themselves to any fixtures and fittings they can take off – and the biggest temptation to them is your set of wheels. Here’s how to protect yours.

Locking Wheel Nuts

You should definitely have locking wheel nuts fitted to your car, but if yours are an old set then thieves may well be able to get past them. If you have had yours for a while it may be worth upgrading them, as locking wheel nut designs have made some considerable advancements over the past few years. New designs have around 100 different combinations meaning that they are almost impossible to take off.

Choose Your Type

Locking wheel nuts come in three main designs – pin, block and cookie-cutter. Block wheel nuts are probably the most simple in design – they are the ones you will be used to seeing that have a standard bolt head that looks slightly different to the other three. Pin wheel nuts are a bit more complicated – with tiny little recesses that fit with matching key studs. By far the best choice is the cookie-cutter. These have indents in the bolt that are only able to be unlocked with the exact key (and the key combinations are limitless). There is a spinning shroud which makes the lock impossible to crack.

How to Fit Them

You may want to get yours fitted professionally to make sure they are as secure as possible. You’ll need to find the right dimensions to fit your wheels, so take into account thread length, weight and taper. They need to match perfectly or they could become loose. Make sure your bolts match the colour of the wheel so that they don’t draw attention to your car. Expect to pay out for a quality set of locking nuts – they won’t come cheap (but they are still cheaper than replacing all four wheels on your car!). Make sure the ones you choose are rated as four in the Thatcham category (which is the insurance industry standard). If you lose the key you’ll have to pay a lot for a new one, so the best thing is to keep it somewhere completely safe, away from the car. Make sure a wheel lock is also fitted to your spare if it is in a cage under the car – thieves often go for this first.

Buying a Used Car?

If you are buying a used car, try out the wheel nut keys before you commit to buying. They should be in perfect working order; otherwise you’ll find yourself with an extra bill that you hadn’t expected. Protect your car and its components from thieves and you will be able to sleep far more soundly at night!

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She is a passionate driver and makes sure that she gets the best quality wheels in Sydney for her vehicle.

13 Jun

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