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Retro fashion can be an enticing thing, with plenty of cool fashion eras to inspire you. However, unless you want to commit to being ‘the girl who always dresses like a flapper’ or ‘that girl who loves the eighties’ it can be hard to pull off without looking like you’re in fancy dress or going to some kind of theme night. Here are some tips to help you wear cool retro styles while still looking like you belong in the 21st century!

Remember that Fashion is Fickle

Certain eras tend to swing back into style every year, so while one summer it might be all about bringing some sixties boho into your look, by the winter it could be time for eighties power dressing. If you aren’t particularly drawn to any one retro era in particular (for example, you like all kinds of stuff including some things from the fifties, the seventies and the nineties), and just want to wear things you think are interesting, then it’s best to choose your retro pieces based on what is currently in fashion. For summer 2013, for example, metallics are big, so you could look for some sixties ‘futuristic’ pieces, and thanks to The Great Gatsby movie, twenties art deco is also big.

Remember That There Was More Than One Trend in Each Period

If you read that ‘the sixties’ are back in fashion, what does that actually mean? The sixties was an era that had all kinds of different fashion movements, so should you be wearing a black and white mini dress, a flower power hippy ensemble, a mod look, or a psychedelic print? The same goes with the seventies – the disco style was just one aspect.

This is important to remember because if you don’t, you can end up mixing things that don’t go together, or misreading a trend altogether.

Stick to One or Two Statement Pieces Per Outfit

The way to avoid the fancy dress look is to include retro pieces, rather than theme your look around them. If you want to wear a seventies style printed maxi dress, this doesn’t mean you should also be wearing seventies shoes, jewellery and accessories and styling you hair and makeup in a retro way. Accessorise modern outfits with retro jewellery or bags, belts and shoes, or wear a retro dress or top with more up to date or minimalist pieces. Equally, don’t theme your make up – choose a style that suits you and your occasion, rather than going for a full fifties pin up style to go with a fifties inspired dress. This way you can look cool and eclectic without appearing to have gone completely overboard.

Certainly, some people do adopt full retro or vintage looks and wear them head to toe, every day, but this is really a commitment to a certain style, because that is the look they most identify with. Unless this is what you want to do, the key is to choose on trend retro inspirations and blend them in with your modern or classic clothes.

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She is a fashion enthusiast and often gives out fashion tips in her articles. She is a metal head and prefers gothic clothing while attending various metal concerts in the city.

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